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golem witch wizard strategy clash of clans

GoWiWi Strategy Guide for th10 (Golem/Witch/Wizard)

  • The troops (240 count): 20 barbarians, 21 wallbreakers, 22 wizards, 3 golems.
  • The clan castle: 2 witches, 1 wizard, 2 barbarians.
  • The spells: 2 rage, 1 lightning, 2 freeze (varying on personal preference, other combos may include 3 freeze, 2 rage or vice versa.)

The basics:
As a beginner to GoWiWi (which you should be, if you’re reading this guide lol) the best way to start out is to look for base layouts that you to place wallbreakers right beside walls (no building to run passed). The most effective use of gowiwi is to break walls in 3 places along one side of said layout first using golems in groups of 3 or 4, allowing you to spread your 3 golems at each point of entry, followed by a row of wizards along the same side you’re attacking from. Next, use a rage in the middle opening, (this should be your path to the townhall) followed by wallbreakers in groups of 2 or 3 (IMPORTANT* If there is a wizard tower or inferno tower in range of where these wallbreakers need to go, use one freeze to allow wallbreakers through. Wallbreaks vs Inferno/Wizard towers = bad news.) place the last remaining wizards (you should have 5-7 after the first row) and then place king and queen. The last freeze should be used to freeze any inferno set on multi before the last group of wizards and heros come in, and the 2nd rage should be used on anything that is close to hitting the townhall ( IE: Archer Queen). These are how a basic gowiwi raid should be placed, now to explain extras.

Enemy heros: Enemy heros should be lured out using the 20 barbarians you have brought, place the barbarians one by one luring the heros to one of the corners of the side you are attacking from, once the queen is out of range or other defences, dropped all barbarians followed by your clan castle (witches) and about 3-5 wizards, as soon as one hero dies, continue on with the basic guidelines of gowiwi. (NOTE: You can still break holes in walls first, and then lure heros.)

The enemy clan castle: This, luckily for you, is insignificant to the beginning of your raid. But keep an eye on when the troops do emerge from the enemy cc, and wait for the majority to group together (this is where the lightning comes into play) or…

The spell combo: If you have trouble using the lightning, try an extra freeze spell. The 3rd spell is most effective if you use it to freeze defense AND enemy cc troops while your own troops are fighting them.
If you cannot get the hang of 3 freeze 2 rage, try and extra rage spell. This is also most effective for helping your troops conquer the enemy clan castle, or, an extra little umph at the end of your battle if no cc troops cause you grief.

Hero abilities: Now this is mostly personal preference, but I’ve found personally that using the BK ability is best used when he targets enemy cc troops or closer to the townhall. The Archer Queen ability had proven best to work when she is about half damage or taking very heavy fire. Using the queens ability too early in the game when she’s taking no damage may end up costing you the win, and if she is hitting the townhall and needs a few extra seconds you know you may be able to take it by saving that ability until then.

As you practice this combination, you will find bases with inferno towers set on single quite a bit easier as it doesn’t pose such a problem for wbs and wizards. You just need to pay more attention to when they lock onto your golems or heros. Once you get the hang of the basic placement, you wil find gowiwi is VERY versatile towards base layouts. When placement is correctly practiced you should have no problems attacking any layout.

Click here for a GoWiWi Video!

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  1. No idea if someone will read this, as a long time has passed. I have used GoWiWi for about 2 months, max troops and lv 12king &14queen. Always 2 starred high leveled bases with 3 golems, 3 witches, 18 wizards and 11 wallbreakers. After the latest update, I failed one attack and got one star in the other. I use 2 freeze, 2 rage and 1 heal, but have my archer queen upgrading. I have no clue as to why I have done crappy attacks, maybe wb deployment or spell timing, but maybe they lowered golem’s stats. IDK.
    Good guide anyways


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