Clash of Clans – Troop Guide


Clash of Clans  – Troop Guide

There are many different troops in CoC, as you can see above. The troops range greatly in price, training cost, training time, hit points, and damage per second. See below for a detailed explanation of each troop.



Barbarians are a favorite of many because of their quick training time and low cost. A large mass of Barbarians are very effective and can destroy objects quickly. A big drawback I have seen is that their AI is not very high. They will often go in the wrong direction or target walls for much too long. Be sure to deploy small hoards all around the camp because they can easily be picked off by mortars, wizards towers, and teslas.

This table is from the Barbarian Wiki page

This table is from the Barbarian Wiki page



Archers are a favorite among many players, they are one of the cheapest to train, available from the beginning, and have a long range that helps get items while still outside of the walls. As with Barbarians, Archers can be killed easily with splash defense. Be sure to spread them out when you deploy them. They do a lot of damage when deployed in large numbers, but will be killed almost instantly, no matter what level.

This photo is from the Archer Wiki Page

This photo is from the Archer Wiki Page


  • It’s unknown why she has a small bag at her belt, though it’s likely supplies such as bow strings and water.
  • As of now, the polls are showing that this unit is the most favored by the players when raiding a base. This is why Supercell increased the prices to upgrade them.
  • Archers are commonly the most popular requested troops.
  • The most notable cosmetic changes for an Archer being upgraded is the color of their hood and arrow type; a level 1 or 2 Archer has pink (default) hair and default arrows, a level 3 or 4 Archer has purple hair and flaming arrows, and a level 5 Archer has a green hood and elixir arrows.
  • when you tap on the Army Camp the Archers all pump their right fist into the air three times.
  • A archer tower has an archer on top too, but as you upgrade it, you can have multiple archers on it that look the same as level
  • There is a new glitch where you can have level 5 archers with a level 4 Laboratory. If someone hasn’t upgraded there archers to level 3 yet, you press upgrade and in a few days you’ll have level 5 archers. (from Wiki)



Goblins are a favorite for many players that are farming or looking to steal resources quickly. They are the fastest troop in CoC and the only troop who targets resource buildings first. As with archers and barbarians, Goblins tend to group together, making them highly suseptable to mortars and bombs. Goblins should never be deployed without another type of troop because they are very likely to be killed quickly. With another troop type to distract defenses, your goblins will be most effective.

This photo is from the Goblin Wiki page

This photo is from the Goblin Wiki page



Giants are very large, ogre-like troops. They are very slow and, by themselves, cannot deal much damage. If you release them in a group, they are much more effective. Giants have a very high tolerance and do not die easily. They also target defense, so they can be very useful for all levels of players. A popular way to utilize giants is to release a few at a time, so the opponents defenses target them, simultaneously protecting your weaker units.

This photo is from the Giant Wiki page.

This photo is from the Giant Wiki page.



Wallbreakers are a very important troop in CoC. Without wallbreakers, many more of your troops would perish while trying to get through the walls. Wallbreakers can only be used once. When they blow up the targeted wall, they blow themselves up in the process. Wallbreakers will target the wall that is closest to them, if the wall has three or more segments. Many players think that putting a single wall piece outside of their base will deter Wallbreakers, but that actually doesn’t work. It just serves as a buffer so the troops will deploy further out. You can, however, deter wallbreakers by spiking your outside wall. Wallbreakers also have low HP, so it’s important to distract the enemy’s defense before releasing your wallbreakers.  A giant or barbarian works well for this. If your opponent has two sets of walls, you must time your release perfectly, so your three or four wallbreakers will break the second set of walls as well.

You can watch this video for a visual explanation:


This photo is from the Wallbreaker Wiki page

This photo is from the Wallbreaker Wiki page



Balloons are also an air unit. Like giants, balloons target defense buildings first. Balloons move very slowly and can be killed easily. Be sure to destroy all air defense before releasing balloons. Balloons do have a high DPS and when used in groups can be deadly. You need to move very quickly in multi-player battles for balloons to be effective. Balloons are much better utilized in single player battles because there is no time limit. In my opinion, Balloons are the worst unit. Don’t waste your time or money!

This photo is from the Balloon Wiki page

This photo is from the Balloon Wiki page



Wizards are a favorite for many high-level players. They deal a significant amount of damage and, like archers, can fire over walls. They do have a relatively low HP, but upgrading them to level 5, in the laboratory, dramatically increases their HP and DPS. As with other low HP troops, it is best to deploy another troop type with wizards. Giants, barbarians, or P.E.K.K.As work well when deployed right before your wizard.

This photo is from the Wizard Wiki page.

This photo is from the Wizard Wiki page.



The healer does exactly what it’s name implies. It does not attack at all, but does heal ground units. She can also repair buildings if she is in your clan castle when you get raided. Healers can perish like any other troop, but only air defense can hurt her. Please remember that the healer can not protect your flying units. You can, however, heal the healer and other flying units with the healing spell.

This photo is from the Healer Wiki page

This photo is from the Healer Wiki page



Dragons are a ranged unit that targets ground and air defense.  They are significantly more expensive to train and take 30 minutes each. Many high-level players stock their camps with wizards and dragons because together they are a deadly combination. As with all troops, level 3 dragons are hard to get, but well worth the wait.

This photo is from the Dragon Wiki page

This photo is from the Dragon Wiki page



P.E.K.K.As are an unknown speciman. No one really knows what they are supposed to be…. CoC loading screens poses this question, “Is P.E.K.K.A a robot? A warrior? A samurai? Nobody knows!”

Not many players unlock these creatures. They require a level 10 barracks and a LOT of money. This is the most coveted troop in the game because it has such high hit points and is so difficult to get. As with dragons and wizards, high-level players often use these bad boys to destroy many villages. A level 3 PEKKA is a force to be reckoned with.

This photo is from the P.E.K.K.A. Wiki page

This photo is from the P.E.K.K.A. Wiki page

Check our this super neat Troop Calculator:

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  1. Healers r pointless unless ur using them to heal a high power unit because in one hit most mortars will kill a archer healer or not

  2. I like to use archers and giants together so it archers have something to draw the opponents away from them

  3. I use a variety of combos in war depending on base my favorite is 19hogs with 5 lvl3 dragons which once air defense is gone its usually a instant win but enjoy using 4 peekas with 45 archers and 50 barbs both maxed heads up peekas easily destroyed when u run into teslas . or 3 golems and 105 archers sometimes I through a peek a or a dragon in there for some insurance just some ideas :)

  4. What a load of bollocks. Balloons are amazing.

  5. Personally I have some giants and wizards running in getting healed by the healer as well as protecting the healer with ballons

  6. I disagree with you about balloons being the worst troop. Once you gain the ability to use a rage spell, and they have lv 3+ upgrades, you can use a balloon+minion army very effectively at the higher levels. If you look at the highest ranked players, there are quite a few that utilize balloons in their armies.

    I agree that healers are really limited, they’re only really useful at the top of the lower ranks and the bottom of the middle ranks.

    • I disagree with me too now :) that post was made a long time ago and balloons are now VERY important for many raids. Thanks for your opinion!

  7. Hi please answer and hellp me :(
    My trophies level is : Barbarian 4 / Archer 5 / Goblin 4 / Giant 6 / Wall Breaker 5 / Balloon 4 / Wizard 5 / Healer 3 / Dragon 3 .
    Wich one is important for new upgrade ?

  8. Hi please answer and hellp me :(
    My trophies level is : Barbarian 4 / Archer 5 / Goblin 4 / Giant 6 / WallBreakers 5 / Balloon 4 / Wizard 5 / Healer 3 / Dragon 3 .
    Wich one is important for next upgrade ?

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  10. balloons suck and lvel one healers I yous the arch strategy ts just bars and archers

  11. what should I upgrade first in TH 7

  12. Level up archer

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