Clash of Clans – Troop Guide


Clash of Clans  – Troop Guide

There are many different troops in CoC, as you can see above. The troops range greatly in price, training cost, training time, hit points, and damage per second. See below for a detailed explanation of each troop.


coc strategy troop guideBarbarians are the very first troop you meet upon starting Clash Of Clans. With the quickest training time and the second-lowest cost in the game, it may be easy to underestimate them. But make no mistake about it: These stocky little viking dudes with the meanest platinum blonde mustache you ever saw can do some damage if used right.

More on Barbarians

Barbarians, along with archers, are the most versatile troop in Clash Of Clans because of how many uses they have. What makes them most versatile is the fact that they are useful and effective in different ways, all the way from Town Hall levels 1 through 10.

Let’s break them down into each main way they’re used and what level of attacker uses them in those ways.


Taking out 50% of the base from its surrounding and accessible buildings. Without barbarians, this method can be much less effective. Similar to giants, they act as a sort of meat shield for your archers in this attack strategy. They have higher HP and are able to take fire off of the archers while, unlike giants, they go for any building and can help get that 50% much more quickly and problem free.

Level of player: Barbarians are used for this method by attackers in just about every Town Hall and league level.

Pulling Clan Castle Troops
Although the big hero update fixed them to the base, making them impossible to lure, the clan castle is still lure-able in Clash Of Clans, and this is highly recommended in most strategies at any level.

Typically, balloons or hogs are the troops used to initially pull your victims troops from their clan castle. Once they’re out though, barbarians are very useful for luring their troops to a corner, out of range of defences, to face their execution. The reason for this is that they have the highest HP for the lowest housing space troops.

Level of player: This is used by players in all league levels. With air attacks at higher levels, many players just use minions to lure because they like to take and save archers for extra % at the end of the raid, in case they need it.


Wiz and Barbs
One of the exciting things about Clash Of Clans is that, just as you never know what base you will find with what amount of trophies or loot, you also never know what you’re going to get attacked by. The main thing that matters when choosing which defense troops to request is whether you will be hit by an air or ground attack. When getting attacked by air, barbarians will not leave the clan castle at all because they only save tiny swords and can’t hit air troops. This is OK though, because the wizards in this combo balance it out. When you get attacked by air, often times the attacker doesn’t get your Town Hall. That’s where the barbarians come into play here. At this point, most air attackers save their heroes for this very reason and deploy them at the end to get your Town Hall. The beauty of the barbarians here is that, grouped together with the skeletons from your traps (if you have them unlocked. They should be close to your Town Hall) make for a very distracting and difficult time for their heroes as your remaining defenses take them out.
Level of player: This is mostly used by higher level players, but can be effective at any level.

223 With Barbs
223 (2 witches, 2 wizards, 3 archers or barbarians) is the most popular troop convo for defence, especially at higher levels. Using barbarians here is essentially for the same reason they’re used above. Higher HP and saved for the end if it’s an air attack.
Level of player: Higher.

All Barbs!
This one is a little risky if you are worried about having no clan castle help versus an initial air attack. However, if you are hit by ground, we have found that this can be an extremely effective clan castle on defense. Many use all archers instead because they shoot both air and ground, but they can all be taken out with one well placed lightning spell more easily than barbs. The reason for this is that barbs have a higher HP, so there’s a higher chance some will survive. If you get hit by ground and they didn’t bring a lightning, this can be a very successful defense clan castle.

Clash of Clans Barbarians


coc strategy archer troop guide

Archers are by far the most widely used troop across every level and play style in Clash Of Clans. There is a use for them in virtually every single strategy in the game, and often times they are absolutely essential in them. These little vixens look innocent and unassuming, but in large enough bunches for example, they can take out a max archer queen effortlessly and quicker than you think.

More on Archers

Within the troop combo of every single Clash Of Clans attack guide we have here on cocstrategy, you will find archers. In fact there is an almost essential use for them in just about every attack strategy that exists. Sometimes they are used for something as little as insurance at the end of a raid, in case you’re short percentage, but even in that case they very much can be the difference between a win and a loss. The higher in level they go, they make a much bigger difference – more than it seems they will. See the chart below for comparisons.

Clash of Clans Archers

Let’s break them down into each main way they’re used and what level of attacker uses them in those ways.


Taking out 50% of the base from its surrounding and accessible buildings. Archers are the main troop in this attack and will do most of the damage. After deploying barbarians for initial damage on outside buildings and taking fire, the archers are immediately deployed behind them to finish of the buildings without being hit. This allows them to then move forward with full health to take out the next layer of buildings/defences.

Level of player: Archers are used for this method by attackers in just about every Town Hall and league level in Clash Of Clans, but mainly master league and down.

Mass Archers
This is virtually the same use for archers as in the barch strategy, except you’re relying on archers alone. Many prefer this method because archers are faster, have range and can take out a dragon, minions or lava hounds if they are in your opponents clan castle. Coc Strategy prefers a full archer army over barch as it seems to get you out of a jam more often than barch could, in those times where you couldn’t take out as much percentage on the outside of the base as you thought.

Level of player: Archers are used for this method by attackers in just about every Town Hall and league level in Clash Of Clans, but mainly master league and down.

There are countless different combos you will see ground raiders use in that are based around golems and wizards, but one thing almost every one has in common is archers. Once in a blue moon you will see all barbarians or maybe neither, but very rare. There are two main uses for them here. One, which is most common, is to save them until the end for insurance in case your attack went south and you haven’t got 50% of the base destroyed. The other is for distraction. Having troops to use for a distraction can get you out of a serious jam and archers work best for this. The most common things you will need to distract is remaining clan castle troops that you didn’t kill or defences that are shooting your heroes or wallbreakers. Sometimes there is an area you want to get to, like some buildings for percentage, and the clan castle troops are too close which will kill all of your remaining archers. Using a couple to draw them away can help you get that last %. Other times you will need to get wallbreakers onto a wall without getting blasted and archers are a good distraction for that.

Level of player: Gowipe/Gowiwi is used mostly in higher leagues.

At the highest level of playing in Clash Of Clans, “Loonion” (Balloons, minions, lava hounds) is the most popular attack along with “Gowipe”. Archers are used in the same way here as with Gowipe, to grab some extra percentage at the end of the raid if it took a rough turn and you’re only at 40-something percent.

Level of player: The second most popular attack among high-level Clash Of Clans players.


223 Arch
223 (2 witches, 2 wizards, 3 archers or barbarians) is the most popular troop convo for defence, especially at a higher level of play because people who request them tend to be in a clan that requires max troops. Using archers here in place of barbarians is most common because of their ability to attack both ground and air troops.

Level of player: Higher.

All Archers!
This is an extremely popular clan castle to use at all town hall levels. Many use all archers because a large group of little individual troops can be very distracting for any attack strategy that is used on them. This is especially true if the attacker doesn’t have a lightning spell to blast them all. They also shoot air and ground, so you’re covered wither way. At Coc Strategy, we run into this clan castle at very high levels of play and it can definitely cause some problems.

Level of player: Any. Highly recommended defence clan castle.

Half Arch Half Barb
This is a less common combo but we have noticed it starting to catch on at higher town hall levels. This one works the same way as all archers would, except that if the attacker is using air, only the archers will come out. The purpose of this is that very often, air raiders (see loonion above) miss the town hall and need to send in their heroes at the end to try and get it. The half barbarians assures that you will have troops saved for that point in the battle, to distract the heroes.

Level of player: Works best at higher town hall levels and max clan castles, as 35 troops is obviously more effective for this, but is still good at any level of play.

The list of troops in Clash Of Clans is ever growing. Some are essential in one way and useless in another, some are cheap and some will drain your resources. In this section we will be covering everything you need to know and consider when using each troop. Click on each troop for more info on them, their training time, upgrade time, cost etc.


coc strategy troops guide

These little mohawked speedsters are interested in one thing and one thing only: LOOT. Yes, it’s no secret, gobs are in it for the money. They are the only Clash Of Clans troop designed specifically for farming resources, meaning they target only gold and elixir mines and storages, and they’re very efficient at any level of play if used right. How and when are they best used? Are there other uses for them besides highway robbery? Find out here!




These poor little skeletons with a death wish fell out of their balloons! That won’t stop them from going kamikaze though, as they are doomed to carry that bomb until their doom anyway. The wallbreakers name explains it all: They break walls. Just as giants only care about defenses and goblins only care about loot, the breaker just wants to get his comrades closer to their destination! They are heavily used at every level of play and have a spot on nearly every Clash Of Clans strategy there is.



coc troop guide

Burly, mean, slow and brave. Giants are the Golems of lower-level attacks, meaning they only target defences and are jacked right up with hitpoints which makes them fantastic meat-shields to take fire off of other troops in your attack. They may be incredibly slow and look a little dumb,  but for the most effective raiding at lower town hall levels, giants are arguably the most essential troop. Are there uses for them in high-level attacking? Find out their stats at each level and more here.



coc troop guide

Would you mess with any wizard ever? We wouldn’t. The wizards in Clash Of Clans are no exception; they’re some mean-looking little dudes. They’re kind of a big deal. As soon as they’re unlocked, you will likely be using them in every single ground-based attack all the way up to town hall 10. In fact, when it comes to ground-based attacks by the very best players in Clash Of Clans, wizards are the most used troop. Let’s talk about the most popular ways to make use of that explodey fire magic!



coc troop guide

FIRRRE. We at Clash Of Clans Strategy can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just something satisfying about burning our opponents village to ashes. Enter the dragon! These mystical beasts have become less commonly used today, possibly because of how expensive they are. But don’t let their adorable faces fool you; they’re one of the most powerful troops in the game and are worth every drop of elixir if you can afford it.



coc troop guide

Who let these little wallbreakers get their hands on some hot air balloons? It’s madness! One of the most popular troops in clash of clans, the balloon started off as a somewhat ignored troop. Today you will find these boney little dudes dropping bombs all over the place and have become a favorite of many clashers. Air strategies based around the balloon are the cheapest in the game, but why else are they so popular? Find out here.



coc troop guide

What war has ever been fought effectively without a medic? A favourite among lower town hall players, the healer can be essential to some very powerful three star strategies. The healer doesn’t get much love, because it’s usefulness decreases the higher you get in town hall levels, but don’t discount them just yet!



coc troop guide

The tank of Clash Of Clans. Golems were one of the most exciting troops to be released, because the more you progress in the game, the more you realize that giants just aren’t cutting it anymore. These enormous stone sculptures, brought to life by some sort of dark sorcery, have one mission: Destroy defenses. The 2 mini golemites that remain when they’re destroyed help too. Outside of the mass archer/barbarian attacks, the golem will be found in every current ground-based strategy in all of Clash Of Clans.



coc troop guide

They’re dark, they’re venomous and they hunt in packs! Apart from the golem, minions are the most popular dark troop used in attacks. You will find these menacing little buggers paired with balloons and spewing dark elixir in one of the most popular combos in all of Clash Of Clans, the ‘Loonion’.


Hog Riders

coc troop guide

Mr. T riding a warthog. I bet that’s a sight you always wanted to see! These hogs specialize in leaping, will not be slowed by walls of any level, and the muscly dudes riding them wield an iron hammer that can cause some heavy-duty damage. When hog riders first arrived, they were by far the most popular troop in Clash Of Clans overnight. Are they still as popular? No. Are they still useful? Absolutely!



coc troop guide

There’s not much that is known about the origin of the Valkyrie, but one thing is very clear: You want to be on their good side. These mighty women look to be from the wilderness of the amazon, and they fight like it too! Their giant axes swing wildly and can do very serious damage if used correctly and in the right troop combo.



coc troop guide

May the dead come alive! When witches were first released, the discussion among many clashers was that they were “the new hog”, meaning they were the new overpowered troop. Since then, defenses have been upgraded accordingly to withstand the wrath of these dark sorceresses. They remain the most popularly requested defense troop in al of Clash Of Clans, as just one witch can win the entire thing for you single-handedly.


Lava Hounds

coc troop guide

The most recently released troop in Clash Of Clans, the Hound became an instant hit. These big, fat “golems of the air” only care about air defenses. They flap their tiny wings slowly from one to the next, dealing small amounts of damage on each air defense, but are mainly used to distract them from hitting other air troops of yours. Much like golems, hounds have their own version of the little golemites that pop out after its death: the lava pups, who remain and deal damage to any buildings in the same way a minion does.


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  1. Healers r pointless unless ur using them to heal a high power unit because in one hit most mortars will kill a archer healer or not

  2. I like to use archers and giants together so it archers have something to draw the opponents away from them

  3. I use a variety of combos in war depending on base my favorite is 19hogs with 5 lvl3 dragons which once air defense is gone its usually a instant win but enjoy using 4 peekas with 45 archers and 50 barbs both maxed heads up peekas easily destroyed when u run into teslas . or 3 golems and 105 archers sometimes I through a peek a or a dragon in there for some insurance just some ideas :)

  4. What a load of bollocks. Balloons are amazing.

  5. Personally I have some giants and wizards running in getting healed by the healer as well as protecting the healer with ballons

  6. I disagree with you about balloons being the worst troop. Once you gain the ability to use a rage spell, and they have lv 3+ upgrades, you can use a balloon+minion army very effectively at the higher levels. If you look at the highest ranked players, there are quite a few that utilize balloons in their armies.

    I agree that healers are really limited, they’re only really useful at the top of the lower ranks and the bottom of the middle ranks.

    • I disagree with me too now :) that post was made a long time ago and balloons are now VERY important for many raids. Thanks for your opinion!

  7. Hi please answer and hellp me :(
    My trophies level is : Barbarian 4 / Archer 5 / Goblin 4 / Giant 6 / Wall Breaker 5 / Balloon 4 / Wizard 5 / Healer 3 / Dragon 3 .
    Wich one is important for new upgrade ?

  8. Hi please answer and hellp me :(
    My trophies level is : Barbarian 4 / Archer 5 / Goblin 4 / Giant 6 / WallBreakers 5 / Balloon 4 / Wizard 5 / Healer 3 / Dragon 3 .
    Wich one is important for next upgrade ?

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  10. balloons suck and lvel one healers I yous the arch strategy ts just bars and archers

  11. what should I upgrade first in TH 7

  12. Level up archer

  13. In case your City Hall is 2 ranges larger, you’ll solely be capable of steal
    50% of the loot.

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