Town Hall Level 8

As you know by now each TH level has a different base that should accompany it. In this post, I will show you some of the worst TH lvl 8 setups and some of the best (in my opinion). Let me know what you think in the comments section! (click here if you are looking for farming bases!)

Here are a few of the absolute worst town hall level 8 bases I have ever seen… it really makes me wonder what they were thinking.

Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 8 Base

There are so many things wrong with this base, I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, here goes… first of all, if someone is farming, then they may have all of their resources in a 4 layer deep wall, but this person’s Town Hall is on the inside of the walls. Since his TH is on the inside, that means he is not farming. He also has his gold and dark elixir storage on the outside of his walls, so he is not trying to protect resources.  And, since he does have his TH on the inside of his walls, that leads you to believe that he is trying to protect his trophy count. This would be extremely easy to get one star on. All you would need to do is implement GlitterPony’s Attack Strategy, especially since none of the defenses are behind walls. If you own this base, please comment and let me know what the heck you were thinking. Thanks ;-)

Horrible Base Number Two:
TH lvl 8 bad

This base  is protecting the army camps much too much. He is hardly protecting his elixir or gold. It makes me wonder how he got level 5 & 6 walls, because I guarantee that is the first thing that gets stolen. I smell gems! He may think that your troops all die if you camp is destroyed. Rest assured, that is not the case anymore. I have tested this theory! Your troops are safe to fight another day!

Here are some examples of good bases for Town Hall Level 8

Town Hall Level 8 strategy

This is a pretty good TH lvl 8 setup. The only thing that really concerns me with this base is the placement of the clan castle, but since this player isn’t in a clan anyway, it really doesn’t matter where they place it. For a player that is in an active clan, be sure to centralize your castle and protect it somehow. If a clan castle is destroyed during a raid, all of your troops will be trapped in side and will not be able to help you. This base does a good job of protecting it’s borders, but not much of the inside. Let’s hope that the enemy is dead before it even would reach the center! This one just barely fits into the “good” category.

Town Hall level 8 strategy

This base is good. It defends the borders and has a pretty decent splash area. The only thing I would suggest is bringing in the research closer to the rest of the base. Spreading out your buildings like that is only good when you are of a lower level and want to make sure someone doesn’t get 3 stars or you are farming and trying to protect loot. Spreading them out when you get higher up is just basically giving away buildings, so your enemy can get to 1 star that much easier.

Town Hall level 8 strategy

I like this setup. It uses traps efficiently and he is building up his strongest walls on the weakest part of the base. It looks pretty solid. Once the walls are done, I think it would work well. The teslas and wizard towers are placed well and the town hall/resources are in the most secure spot in the setup. All in all, I like it. Try this one out of you are having problems with winning while you are not on.

Town Hall level 8 strategy

I suggest staying below 1800 trophies with this base. Once you get past 1800, it is pretty hard to defend. I am partial to traps and really like the way the tesla is hiding where people would likely enter. Then the two teslas by the TH would protect that well. Everything is grouped together pretty well, so nothing would be given away for free, making it harder to get any stars. Try it out and let me know what you think.


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Here are some bases that have upgraded VERY well! Nice job all!
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