Town Hall level 7

TH level 7 is an important transitioning period. There are lots of new defenses and set up options open to you once you upgrade to level 7 TH.

TH 7

Town Hall Level 7

Defense: You get 5 cannons at level 8, 4 archer tower level 8, 200 walls at level 7, 3 mortars at level 5, 2 wizard towers at level 4, 2 hidden teslas at level 3, 2 air defense at level 5, 4 spring traps, 2 giant bombs, and 6 bombs Resources: 6 gold mines at level 11, 6 elixir collectors up to level 11, 2 gold storage up to level 11, and 2 elixir storage up to level 11 Offense Buildings: 4 army camps at level 6, 4 barracks up to level 0,  1 spell factory up to level 3, a clan castle up to level 3, and 1 laboratory level 5

**NOTE** Please be sure to place your teslas correctly!!

Here are some examples of my favorite TH lvl 7 Bases.

New walls 2

 new walls 3 new walls 4 new

TH 7 4

ddfThe only thing I would change with this one is swapping out the wizard towers with two of the archer towers (the ones on opposite ends).

photoThis is a really great setup. Just remember that a lone wall piece does nothing for your defense.  Also bring in the spell factory and research lab, so you don’t give any buildings away to the enemy for “free”.

th 7 3

This is a great “trap” setup. Since the right top part has only one wall, the enemy goes there first, to avoid having to go through two sets of walls. Once they get there, the tesla pops up, takes them by surprise, and kills them all! I find it beneficial to put a giant bomb in the middle of the two army camps as well. You will see that a lot of archers stand from there when they are deployed. A large bomb placed there will kill them all instantly.


This is a really great base. Consider putting giant bombs or traps in the spaces in front of the builder’s huts. That is where the enemy is likely to enter.

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