Town Hall Level 6

TH 6

Town Hall Level 6

Defense: You get 3 cannons level 7, 3 archer tower level 7, 125 walls level 6, 2 mortars level 4, 2 wizard towers at level 3, 1 air defense level 4, 4 spring traps, one giant bomb, and 4 bombs Resources: 6 gold mines at level 10, 6 elixir collectors up to level 10, 2 gold storage up to level 10, and 2 elixir storage up to level 10 Offense Buildings: 3 army camps at level 5, 3 barracks up to level 7,  1 spell factory, a clan castle up to level 3, and 1 laboratory level 3

For the most part, I think TH lvl 6 is widely underutilized. Sure, there isn’t as many neat defense buildings as TH 7, but if you wait it out at TH 6 for a bit, you can max everything out quite easily. By doing this, you create a very sound base that acts as somewhat of a trap to attackers. If a TH 8 sees a TH 6 while searching for attacks, they will likely stop in for some easy money and trophies. What they probably won’t take into consideration is that the TH 6 base might be super maxed out with all their defenses. The TH 6 might give them a run for their money. Below are some super-tastic bases for TH 6. Comment if you like em.

10 TH6 3   TH6 2 TH6 1


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