Town Hall Level 6

TH 6

Town Hall Level 6

Defense: You get 3 cannons level 7, 3 archer tower level 7, 125 walls level 6, 2 mortars level 4, 2 wizard towers at level 3, 1 air defense level 4, 4 spring traps, one giant bomb, and 4 bombs Resources: 6 gold mines at level 10, 6 elixir collectors up to level 10, 2 gold storage up to level 10, and 2 elixir storage up to level 10 Offense Buildings: 3 army camps at level 5, 3 barracks up to level 7,  1 spell factory, a clan castle up to level 3, and 1 laboratory level 3

For the most part, I think TH lvl 6 is widely underutilized. Sure, there isn’t as many neat defense buildings as TH 7, but if you wait it out at TH 6 for a bit, you can max everything out quite easily. By doing this, you create a very sound base that acts as somewhat of a trap to attackers. If a TH 8 sees a TH 6 while searching for attacks, they will likely stop in for some easy money and trophies. What they probably won’t take into consideration is that the TH 6 base might be super maxed out with all their defenses. The TH 6 might give them a run for their money. Below are some super-tastic bases for TH 6. Comment if you like em.

10 TH6 3   TH6 2 TH6 1


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  1. Mexireapers base is soo the best!

  2. Hitesh Bhardwaj

    Naxors base is the best

  3. My man focus is on acquiring gold and building as fast as possible. This base has suited me well for that.


  4. I think gas man is the best cause its more safer and neater if you want to see my base pls join my clan z-genaration

  5. Gasman’s the best. Also, join my clan, the “Burger Dudes”. : )

  6. they are all bad mine better i have th6 jin this clan if u want to see it thegodswhoparty tht the clan

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