Town Hall Level 5

Hey all! Here are two town hall level 5 base designs we found while digging around in the feeder! They are working really well so far! Try them out and let us know what you think! PLEASE be sure to upgrade everything before moving to TH 6… You will thank me later.kricket photo Click here for an updated list of buildings! Clicky for base ideas! Trophies or Farming


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  1. Starskys base looks awesome! Def designing my base just like that guy

  2. my game account is (jodster) and guys thnx for awesome formation. definitely I will tell my friends and family about this site

  3. my game account is (jodster) and guys thnx for awesome formation.

  4. Bro, i’m sorry.
    like my experience, using double wall can be destroy with wall breaker.
    Thank You

    • Hi Zeus! I am a sis and many of these posts were made when troop ai was different. Thanks for your comment!

    • i can attack that, by 110 army and one spell
      -14 lvl4 giants (70 capacity)
      -6 lvl3 balloons (30 capacity)
      -5 lvl3 wallbreaker (10 capacity)
      and 1 lvl3 lighting spell
      with no clan castle troops

      but i think your a lover of clash of clans because i saw the gems:-)

  5. Connor Devonish

    Im thinking of using this but ive only got 2 builders huts – any suggestions about how to fill up the space? would decorations work the same way??

  6. that’s my base

  7. I have better th 5 base I am in silver lg 1 and no one has defeated Me 100% in the last 13 attacks

  8. Ello bro…How can you get more gem???


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